Terms and Conditions

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Given, you do not admit to these terms (either partly or in whole), you are suggested not using this website.

Right to Intellectual Property

Except otherwise specified, our licensor or us hold complete rights of the intellectual property or material displayed on the website. Conditioned to the license as under, all the rights to intellectual property have been reserved.

License to use website

You are permitted to view, save (only for caching purposes) and print the displays from the website for the purpose of personal use; however, the purposes of use are bound by the conditions stated as under:

You are precluded to:

  • Republish intellectual property taken from this website (includes republication on other web platforms);
  • Sell, lease or sub-license information present on this web platform;
  • Redevelop, copy, replicate or otherwise turn to account the information present on this website for any commercial uses;
  • Revise or amend any information present on this platform; or
  • Share information from this web platform [exclusive of the material i.e. particularly and explicitly provided for sharing (as product/services newsletter)].

Novelty Documents

You accept that all documents of novelty (either of our staff members or owners) present on this site are developed only for the purpose of novelty and fun. While ordering any documents of novelty from ReplaceYourDocs.co.uk, you accept that unless given an exemption, they will

not be deployed for any monetary benefits, trickery, fraud or any other unlawful practice. You recognize and accept the fact that (enter website name) does and will not remain under any legal responsibility for your action and its consequences.

Boundaries of legal responsibility

  • The material present on this site is shared free of cost and you agree that it would be unjustified to hold us responsible with regard to this website and the material present on it
  • Although we devote our best attempts to make certain the material present on this platform is valid, we do not guarantee its wholeness or precision. Moreover, we do not warrant that the website remains available or that the information present to on it is of the
  • To the highest level allowed by pertinent law, we discount all warrantees, representations and/or rules (inclusive of the rules enforced by law of acceptable quality, fitness for the use and the inclusion of rational skills and care).
  • Our legal responsibly is not subjected and excepted to the highest extent acceptable under the pertinent law. We shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect misconduct or harm being done within these terms and conditions or in line with our website, regardless of it arising in offence, agreement or
  • Without restraining the nature of the prior exclusion, we shall not be held responsible for any cost incurred on profits, harm towards business, goodwill, information or expected funds arising under these terms and conditions or consistent with our website, regardless of it being direct or indirect, and regardless of it arising in offence, agreement or otherwise.

Nevertheless, no element of this terms and conditions will bound or disregard our legal responsibly for deception, personal harm or death led by our negligence and for any other obligation that could not be omitted or restricted under pertinent law.

How can I use novelty documents?

Our documents of novelty are developed for educational, training, acting, gifting purposes and can be used for practical jokes only. When ordering them, you are obliged to use our own legal details. If you claim that these are being used for any other purposes, we will not be able to accept the order as these documents could not be utilized for any other purposes. However, if you have a unique (also termed “evidence”) of your ordered documents, we would be more than willing to replicate it for you.

Entire agreement

The discussed terms and conditions establish the base of the complete contract amidst you and us regarding your usage of our web content and stand-ins all prior contacts in line with your use of this web page.

Variation in Agreement

We may modify the discussed terms and conditions occasionally; hence, you are suggested to visits this page recurrently in order to substantiate you are aware of the latest version of the conditions.

Privacy policy:

We remain familiar with the detail that privacy remains a foremost concern of our customers. This is the reason we consider confidentiality quite closely and set our best endeavors to protect the discretion of our valued customers. We abolish all the client’s data after the order is completed. Moreover, we make sure that your order to unobtrusively packaged in order to prevent access of the contents from any unauthorized person. Your protection is our utmost priority.